カテゴリー: Japanese Children's Books

笑いの力、言葉の力(NF読みもの)The Power of Laughter, The Power of Words: Inheritance from Hisashi Inoue

ラジオ保健室(NF読みもの)Radio Health Center: Teens Ask about Sex

女子サッカー選手です。そして、彼女がいます(NF読みもの)Research for All: I’m a Female Footballer. And, I Have a Girlfriend.

俳句のきた道(NF読みもの)Three Paths to Haiku: Basho, Buson, Issa

「慰安婦」問題ってなんだろう?(NF読みもの)Who Were the Comfort Women? Thinking Together about Women Hurt in the War

「ヒロシマ消えたかぞく」のあしあと(NF読みもの)A Family in Hiroshima: Tracing the Paths in Hiroshima

人と動物の日本史図鑑 全5巻(NF読みもの)Encyclopedia of the History of People and Animals of Japan 5 vols.

ネットトラブルをさけよう(NF読みもの)Stay Safe on the Internet: Let’s Think and Talk! Information Ethics for the Future 1

生物がすむ果てはどこだ?(NF読みもの)How Deep Does Life Go? Searching Beneath the Sea Floor

クマが出た! 助けてベアドッグ(NF読みもの)A Bear! Help Us, Bear Dogs: Dogs with Special Talents

小泉文夫(NF読みもの)My First Biography of a Musician: Fumio Koizumi

エレキテルの謎を解け(NF読みもの)Solve the Mystery of the Hand- Operated Generator! Hiraga Gennai, Engineer Who Made Electricity

核兵器禁止条約ってなんだろう?(NF読みもの)See and Understand: What is the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons?

和ろうそくは、つなぐ(NF写真絵本)Japanese Candle Connections

ブラックホールって なんだろう?(NF絵本)What is a Black Hole?

はっこう(NF写真絵本)Fermentation: The World is Full of Bacteria

ハタハタ(NF写真絵本)Japanese Sandfish, Radiant Life in Rough Seas

伝え守る アイヌ三世代の物語(NF写真絵本)Keeping the Teachings: The Story of Three Generations of Ainu

雑木林の20年(NF絵本)Satoyama Nature: Twenty Years of the Coppice

草はらを のぞいてみれば カヤネズミ(NF写真絵本)Discover Harvest Mice in the Grass: A Tale of Japan’s Smallest Mouse

お山のライチョウ(NF写真絵本)Rock Ptarmigan

オオムラサキと 里山の一年(NF写真絵本)The Life Cycle of the Great Purple Emperor: Japan’s National Butterfly Shines in the Mixed Summer Forest

阿波根昌鴻(あはごんしょうこう)(NF読みもの)Shoko Ahagon: Protect the Earth and Life, Peace from Okinawa

山の園芸屋さん エゾシマリス(NF写真絵本)The Ezo Chipmunk: Mountain Gardener