【JBBY希望プロジェクト】は、日本に避難してきた子どもたちに本をプレゼントします。Book for child refugees in Japan



Eighty National Sections belong to the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). It was established after World War II with the hope that children would never have to live through war again. Since its founding, IBBY has focused on children’s books with high literary and artistic standards from around the world, promoted international understanding, and provided books for children in difficult situations.

JBBY, the Japanese Section of IBBY, has set up Kibo (Hope) Project to give books to and conduct workshops for children living in Japan who require special support.



  • 該当する子どもにかかわっている施設や団体、また個人でも申し込めます。
  • リストの本【https://jbby.org/jbby_kibo_present】から、子ども1人につき1冊をお選びください。
  • 施設で図書コーナーを設ける場合は、人数に応じたセットでお送りすることもできますので、ご相談ください。
  • 送料等ご負担いただく費用は一切ございません。

JBBY will donate books to children who have fled to Japan from other countries.
【A】Picturebooks with few/no words
【B】Children’s books in Ukrainian

  • Facilities and groups connected to these children as well as individuals may apply for the books.
  • Choose one book per child from the listed (https://jbby.org/jbby_kibo_present).
  • If a facility plans to set up a reading corner, JBBY will put together a set of books according to the number of children it is intended for.
  • There is no cost to you, including shipping costs.

プレゼントする本の一例 / Examples of books to be donated

プレゼントする本のラインナップと申込方法はこちらから ▶▶▶
You can view the covers of the books and how to apply ▶▶▶

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