吉田桃子 著 Yoshida, Momoko

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14 歳の理沙は、小学生の時に毛深さから「モジャ」とあだ名をつけられたことで悩んでいる。決してプールに入らず、夏も長そで長ズボンで肌を見せないようにしていた。クラスで席が近くなった希空(のあ)とこのみと友だちになったが、毛深いことは秘密にしていた。




出版社 講談社
初版年 2019年
ISBN 9784065154014
ページ数 208頁
サイズ 20×14
対象年齢 13歳から
キーワード 外見 コンプレックス 友情


Risa, age 14, has been called Moja (Shaggy) ever since grade school due to the dark hair on her legs and arms. She never swims in the pool, and she wears long sleeves and pants even in the summers, so as not to show her limbs. Risa hangs out with Noa and Konomi, two girls who sit near her in middle school, but she has never told them about her real appearance.

Summer vacation rolls around again, and Noa proposes that the girls go on a three-couple date with some boys, but all Risa can think of is hiding her secret. She asks her mother for hair removal at a salon, but the two of them have a massive fight, and the salon attendant refuses Risa service due to scarring from a shave. Then, Risa quarrels with Noa and Konomi, who sense that she is hiding something.

One day, since her bathtub at home needs repair, Risa goes to a public bath. A granny at the bath scrubs her back and tells her that she’s lovely, but Risa finds she can’t believe that—and realizes the “Moja” problem is really inside her. Risa reveals her secret to Noa and Konomi and makes up with them, then goes with them to the beach, where they help each other get over their various inferiority complexes. Risa also develops a crush on Satoshi, a boy embarrassed by his shortness, and realizes that everyone has a complex about something.

She has obsessed over her appearance ever since being teased, but the novel humorously shows her learning to accept herself as she is. (Doi)

  • Yoshida, Momoko
  • Kodansha
  • 2019
  • 208 pages
  • 20×14
  • ISBN 9784065154014
  • Ages 13 +

Appearances, Inferiority complex, Friendship

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