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草野たき 著 Text: Kusano, Taki

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出版社 講談社
初版年 2016年
ISBN 9784062200752
ページ数 248頁
サイズ 19×14
対象年齢 13歳から
キーワード 受験 友情 恋愛 アンケート 学校

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Five girls and boys in their last year of middle school respond to surveys given at schools, cram schools, and in magazines. Their survey responses tell the story. The students say, “I never write my real feelings on surveys,” but sometimes by writing survey responses, they discover their true feelings. This novel unfolds in ten linked stories, such as “Asako Nozaki: Last Spring of Middle School, Weirdness Abounds” and “Seiji Masuda: The End of a Youth Gambled on Volleyball.” Entrance exams for high school, romance, deciding one’s path, friendships: the heart-stopping aspects of early adolescence come through in this book. (Shirota)

  • Text: Kusano, Taki
  • Kodansha
  • 2016
  • 248 pages
  • 19×14
  • ISBN 9784062200752
  • Ages 13 +

Survey, Answers, Friendship, School, Decisions

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