One Hundred

名久井直子 作/井上佐由紀 写真 text: Nakui, Naoko | photos: Inoue, Sayuki

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出版社 福音館書店
初版年 2020年
ISBN 9784834085280
ページ数 24頁
サイズ 21×23
対象年齢 3歳から
キーワード 数 写真 デザイン

One Hundred

One block. Turn the page, and a hundred blocks make a big castle. One goldfish in an aquarium. Turn the page, and a school of a hundred fish swims around. A hundred erasers packed together looks like a handful, but scatter them and they fill a two-page spread! For small children still mainly counting numbers on their fingers, 100 can be a hard concept to understand. Using bouncy balls, acorns and other fun items, this photo picture book conveys “100” not through counting, but rather through the senses. The author, a wellknown book designer, collaborated with the photographer for this project. No computer graphics were used. With white backgrounds and soft lighting setting off items, readers feel at home. They can enjoy the surprising page turns, and they may want to play more with numbers after reading! (Hiromatsu)

  • text: Nakui, Naoko | photos: Inoue, Sayuki
  • Fukuinkan Shoten
  • 2020
  • 24 pages
  • 21×23
  • ISBN 9784834085280
  • Ages 3 +

Numbers, Photography, Design

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