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Boku no Torinosu E-Nikki Boku no Torinosu E-Nikki
(My Bird Nest Picture Diary)

Text and ill. by Mamoru Suzuki
Tokyo: Kaisei-sha Publishing Co., Ltd, 2005

56 pp; 280 x 205 mm
ISBN : 978-4-03-437350-7
Ages : 9+
Bird, Nature Observation

Kodansha Culture Prize for Children's Picture Books 2006

Through the changing seasons, the narrator documents the local array of birds’ life, such as nesting and feeding, through a beautifully illustrated picture diary. The book offers an opportunity for parents to familiarize children with various birds and seasonal changes in a rural setting.

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Mamoru Suzuki studied in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He won the Akaitori Award for Illustrations for Children's Literature for Kuro-Neko Sangoro Series (Sangoro, the Black Cat series, 1994-) and has produced many popular children’s books including those on vehicles. Koen-no Bench (The Park Bench/El Banco Del Parque, 2005) and some of his other works have been translated into several languages. For the past twenty years, he has lived in the mountains and has become captivated by the wonder of birds’ nests. He not only collects and studies them, but also has written many books on the subject. He has also exhibited his birds’ nests collection in Japan and in New York.
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