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Relieur Ojisan Relieur Ojisan
(Sophie and the Bookbinder)

Text and ill. by Hideko Ise
Tokyo: Rironsha, 2006

56 pp; 280 x 205 mm
ISBN : 978-4-652-04050-8
Ages : 6+ and adults
Craftsmanship, Bookbinding

Kodansha Publication Culture Award for Children's Picture Books 2007

A girlfs favorite illustrated book came apart. She was advised to bring the book to a gbook doctorh called grelieurh, a bookbinder craftsman. She visits him in his studio in an alley of Paris and Mr. Relieur perfectly mends the book. The beautiful watercolor illustrations show over sixty of bookbinding processes done by Mr. Relieurfs knobby hands. The readers will be moved by the passion of a craftsman who hopes to pass on the culture of books and the girl who solemnly tries to understand.

Hideko Ise was born in 1949. She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. She received the Japan Picture Book Award for Mugiwara Boshi (A Straw Hat, 1985), Noma Prize for Juvenile Literature for Newcomers for Maki-Chan no E-Nikki (Makifs Picture Diary, 1987), and the Sankei Award for Children's Books & Pictures, Illustration Prize for Suisen Zuki no Yokka (On the Fourth Day of the Narcissus Month, 1995). Relieur Ojisan won the 2007 My Favorite Book! Award in Japan and was translated and published in France (Sophie et le Relieur, 2007) and Korea. Many of her other works have been translated in several countries including Hachimitsu (Honey: A Gift from Nature, 2006)h, and 1000 no Kaze, 1000 no Chero (1000 Winds, 1000 Cellos, 2000).

© 2006 Hideko Ise
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