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Okasan, Ogenki Desuka Okasan, Ogenki Desuka
(Dear Mom,)

Text by Ryuji Goto
Ill. by Miho Takeda
Tokyo: Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd, 2006

30 pp; 226 x 223 mm
ISBN : 978-4-591-09210-1
Ages : 6-9
Family, Growing up, Childrenfs thoughts

The Japan Picture Book Award, the Grand Winner Award 2007

gDear Mom, I am writing this letter because it is Motherfs Day. There are a few things I want to say. First, please stop saying, eDo you understand?f all the time. I am not a baby any more. Second, please do not clean up my room without my permission.h The author captures childrenfs thoughts and wishes, which may be overlooked by adults, in the form of a letter from a boy to his mother. The letter, which may appear to be full of complaints, but really reflects his love to the mother and the remarkable relationship between the two. Okahsan, Ogenki Desuka was translated and published in Taiwan, and also to be published in Korea, as of Dec. 2007.

Ryuji Goto was born in 1943 in Hokkaido and graduated from Waseda University. His works, Shiro-Aka Dasuki Komaru no Hatakaze (The White and Red Banner Peasantsf Revolt, 1976), and Shonen Tachi (The Boys, 1982)h, won Japanese Association of Writers for Children Prize and Yashin Aratamezu (Unyielding Ambition, 1993), won Noma Prize for Juvenile Literature. Ichi-nen Ichi-Kumi Ichi-ban Series (Grade One, Class One, Number One Series) has become a popular series of more than twenty titles since 1984.

Miho Takeda was born in 1959 in Tokyo and studied in Nihon University. Her original picture book Tonari no Seki no Masuda-Kun (Masuda who Sits Next to Me, 1991) won Kodansha Publication Culture Award for Children's Picture Books and Japan Picture Book Award. Other works include Fushigi-no Ouchi-wa Doki Doki Nanoda (The Wonder House is Full of Surprises, 1991), which won the Japan Picture Book Award, and Sumikko no Obake (The Ghost in the Corner, 2000), winning Japan Picture Book Award, the Readersf Prize.
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